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Informatii Generale

  • Durata: 24 luni.
  • Perioada: 1 Octomber  2019 – 31 Septembrie 2021
  • Buget: 154.405 €
  • Parteneri: Fundatia Ecologica Green, Romania, Instituto Politecnico De Santarem, Portugalia,  Kanuni Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Turcia, IES Primero de Mayo, Spania, SOSU ØSTJYLLAND, Denemarca.

Obiectivele Proiectului

  1. To strengthen the cooperation and networking between the partner organistations
  2. To identify, test and implement good practices in healthcare education, mostly related to simulation, as form of work based learning in a safe and controlled environment
  3. To design, based on the previous experience in the Erasmus+ E-(m)PACT project, a Train the trainer Manual in simulation, a tool to help the teachers involved train other teachers/trainers interested in organising simulation activities
  4. To create a Compendium of good practices in healthcare education, destined to help VET institution to provide more attractive training programs
  5. To improve the digital and the linguistic competences of the students and the staff involved, as well as their personal competences- social, civic and intercultural, by organising transnational learning activities.

Activitatile Proiectului

      Project management: 4 Transnational project meetings. Management of local activities & reporting


      Learning, teaching/training activities: 3 Short term joint staff training events. 2 Blended mobilities
      Dissemination and valorisation: Project website. Final conference

Resultate Proiectului

  1. A Train the trainer Manual in simulation
  2. A Compendium of good practices in healthcare education
  3. The training materials for the short staff training events, the work plans for the students mobility, other materials used in the virtual mobilities, the dissemination strategy and the dissemination materials, the evaluation strategy
  4. A video made by the students on how simulation is integrated in their learning

Activitati de formare a cadrelor didactice

    3 mobilities-5days- for 4 staff members from each partner, hosted by Denmark, Romania and Turkey
    Main objective: to design a Train the trainer Manual for teachers involved in simulation, to revise it based on the local tests- training activities run by each

    partner, to indentify and describe examples of good practices that can serve as inspiration for others, to prepare the blended mobilities for students and to

    prepare local training activities.

Mobilitati pentru cursanti

   2 mobilities (mix of virtual mobility and physical mobility-5 days) for 4 students from each partner, hosted by Portugal and Spain
   Main objectives: to develop the personal and professional skills and competences of the participants, to get the students used to simulation activities in

   multicultural contexts, get them used to compete in skills contests, write scenarios, run simulation and debrief in groups.

Activitati de diseminare

                                                      Printed and on Internet:
     Leaflets & Posters
     Project newsletters
     Project website & FB page
     Link to project website from partner institutions
                                                             In person:
   Delivery of training
   Facilitation of workshops/ seminars, round tables
   Attendance of conferences
   Networking with similar institutions


  1. Evaluation of the products
  2. Evaluation of the impact
  3. Evaluation of the implementation process